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Camera systems

Heavy road traffic near a pedestrian crossing

Victoria’s road safety camera network consists of both fixed and mobile cameras placed at carefully chosen locations throughout the road network. The cameras use specialised technology to detect offences and form an important part of the Victorian Government's road safety strategy.

To ensure the camera network provides consistently reliable data, it is subject to regular and rigorous testing, certification and maintenance

By increasing the likelihood of detection, cameras are intended to prevent drivers from:

  • exceeding the speed limit
  • failing to stop at red lights and red arrows
  • driving an unregistered vehicle
  • failing to stop at red warning lights at railway level crossings.

How camera systems work

Find out how each of the road safety systems below works:

What happens if I am detected speeding or going through a red light?

When a road safety camera captures a vehicle that has either exceeded the speed limit, failed to stop at a red light, a red arrow or warning lights at a railway level crossing, or is unregistered, a process of evidence checking and verification is undertaken before being referred to Victoria Police for approval.  A fine is issued once these checks have been completed.

Why do we have red-light cameras?

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