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Testing, certification and maintenance

road safety cameras are tested before activation

Victoria’s road safety cameras are regularly tested and are subject to routine certification and maintenance to ensure:

  • the speed calculation unit is working correctly
  • the system is in an acceptable electrical condition.

How often are the fixed cameras tested and maintained?

Daily Camera contractor monitors the system

Speed accuracy and speed reliability testing

Camera contractor carries out routine maintenance


Asset inventory, speed accuracy, speed reliability


Testing a new location

Before any camera location goes live, strict Site Acceptance Testing is conducted to ensure that the location complies with all requirements. Testing consists of physical, software, administrative and image assessments.

Who is authorised to conduct certification testing?

Certification testing on camera systems is only conducted by qualified officers who must meet the requirements of the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2009.

Additional testing

Victoria’s camera testing program exceeds standards required by law placing the state among the leaders in Australia and overseas for speed enforcement.

Examples of additional testing include:

  • Independent infrared systems temporarily installed at a speed camera site to verify data from the speed camera and confirm system accuracy.
  • Electrical measurements independently recorded to ensure in-road sensors are functioning correctly.

What are compliance certificates?

Before any camera is used on Victoria’s roads it is certified. Each year the Victorian Government re-tests all speed cameras and maintains a record of certification according to the requirements in the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2009.

Compliance certificates are issued by testing officers to declare the peed calculation unit is accurate and that the certificate can be used as evidence in court. After being tested, the camera is sealed to avoid any unauthorised interference.

A list of compliance certificates for fixed cameras is available online or you can request a compliance certificate for a mobile camera by sending a request in writing to:

Civic Compliance Victoria, PO Box 1916, Melbourne, 3001

Testing of mobile cameras

An independent testing officer is responsible for the testing, certification and sealing of mobile road safety cameras. They also issue annual compliance certificates in accordance with the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2009.

Camera maintenance 

Camera contractors are responsible for performing all routine maintenance on the system, with all findings logged and reported.

Maintenance reports provide information including:

  • tasks that need to be conducted
  • required frequency of tasks
  • a task status record
  • task comments.

Photographs may also be included:

  • to provide visual evidence of the camera status and site infrastructure
  • assist with assessment if there has been any damage to the camera
  • sample incident  images may also be included to assess the quality of images captured at the site.

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