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Evidence of an infringement

The Road Safety Act 1986 allows data captured by a road safety device to be used as evidence of a speeding or red-light offence. Compliance certificates may be admitted in court as evidence to show the camera has been tested and is operating correctly.

What data does a fixed road safety camera capture?

Images captured by fixed road safety cameras show:

  • the location of the offence
  • the vehicle
  • a close up of the vehicle’s number plate.

Data collected along with the image include:

  • date and time of the incident
  • location of the camera
  • which direction the vehicle was travelling
  • the lane in which the vehicle was travelling
  • speed of the vehicle (for speeding offences only)
  • speed limit of the road where the camera is situated (for speeding offences only)
  • time elapsed after the light turns red (for red-light offences only).

Can I review evidence of an offence?

Anyone issued with an infringement notice can view the image.

To view the image of an offence captured by road safety cameras visit: (External link)

You will need to complete the two-step identity verification process using information from your fine to login to the secure portal. 

You will then be able to access information about your fine and view the related image. Depending on your web browser settings, you may be required to install Adobe Reader to view the image. 

Information about any other fines you have outstanding with Civic Compliance Victoria® will also appear in the secure portal. 

For further information about viewing road safety camera images, please visit or call Civic Compliance Victoria® 

Civic Compliance Victoria® 
277 William Street, Melbourne 
Open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday 
(03) 9200 8111 (metro) or 1300 369 189 (regional)

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