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Camera locations throughout Victoria

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Can’t get the map to work? View a list of all fixed digital camera locations.

Each fixed digital camera location on the map includes a link to download its compliance certificate. These are issued after a camera is tested and found to be operating correctly.

On this page you will find out more about:

Mobile camera locations

Mobile cameras are used in unmarked vehicles parked on the side of the road. They operate at approximately 2000 locations across the state’s road network.

Locations for mobile cameras are chosen for a number of reasons:

  • there has been a serious or major collision at the site within the past three years
  • there have been complaints of vehicles using excessive speed
  • it has been identified by Victoria Police to be a speed-related problem site
  • speed enforcement by non-camera devices is unsuitable

An up-to-date list of mobile camera locations is published here each month.

Mobile camera locations (Excel, 74KB)

Wet-film camera locations

A number of intersections in the Melbourne and Geelong areas with red-light cameras still use original film processing equipment known as wet-film technology – referred to as fixed analogue road safety cameras in the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2009. There are 41 wet-film camera locations on our roads and up to 30 of these are in operation at any one time at the direction of Victoria Police. Site locations were chosen based on crash history.

To ensure cameras are operating correctly, trained staff perform checks and tests at each site at the time of installation and removal of the film magazines. Such checks and tests are conducted at each location on a weekly basis to ensure that the wet-film cameras are used in the prescribed manner pursuant to the legislation. The regulations do not require compliance certificates for wet-film sites.

Wet-film camera locations (Excel, 33KB)

Pre-commissioned camera locations

When a fixed camera is installed, it undergoes thorough testing before it starts to issue fines. During this period, the camera is said to be “pre-commissioned”. Pre-commissioned cameras will operate as normal, and may flash if a car speeds through an intersection or runs a red light, but no fines will be issued. 

There are currently no pre-commissioned cameras.


  • Some camera locations may vary due to equipment upgrades, repositioning on different points of the intersection and suburb boundary changes.
  • Some locations have more than one camera. At these sites certificates for each camera are provided in the same file and labelled according to their position or the lane they enforce (e.g. kerb, median, lane 1, lane 2, northbound, eastbound).
  • Cameras can be decommissioned at any time and are subject to change without notice, therefore some of the listed camera locations may no longer be operating. Compliance certificates are still provided for historical purposes.

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