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Cost of road trauma

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One person is injured on Victorian roads every 30 minutes. The cost of road trauma is huge and estimated to cost more than $3 billion each year. Speed-related trauma costs the state around $1 billion per year.

Fines from road safety cameras account for just eight per cent of the cost of road trauma, with $259.5 million* recorded for the 2011–12 financial year.

The cost of injury

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) reports the average lifetime cost to care for someone with a severe brain injury is $2.7 million, for paraplegia it is $2 million and for quadriplegia it is around $7.4 million.

Brain injury

Each year in Victoria approximately 90 people suffer severe brain injury in road crashes, a further 1000 suffer less severe brain injuries, many of which result in long-term disabilities. Brain damage affects memory, balance, walking, hand function and speech and many people are never able to return to work.

Spinal injury

Half of all spinal injuries in Australia are caused by road crashes. Half of these people end up with quadriplegia and one quarter end up with paraplegia.

* This figure is net of cancellations, which occur, for example, when Victoria Police issue official warnings instead of fines.

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