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Lives lost

Information about Victoria's road toll and road safety initiatives

Lives lost statistics

In 2016, there were 292 lives lost on Victoria's roads, 40 more than in 2015.

Road death records began in 1952. In 1970, Victoria experienced its highest ever annual number of road deaths with 1,061 lives lost.

After the introduction of compulsory seatbelts and through 40 years of road safety campaigning and education, the annual amount reduced by more than 70 per cent, despite a significant increase in the population and number of vehicles on the road. Reducing Victoria's road deaths to below 300 is a significant achievement. Unfortunately, we have seen a slight increase in road deaths over the past 3 years.

Motorcycle rider fatalities were the biggest contributor to the rise last year, up nearly 90 per cent compared to 2015. Risky behaviours including speed, illicit drug use, lack of protective gear and unlicensed riding were responsible for the majority of rider deaths.

The Government is looking into all of the reasons behind the increase in lives lost on Victorian roads, and is fast-tracking Towards Zero initiatives that will save lives and reduce the ‘hidden toll’ of serious injuries. The TAC is also working on a number of new campaigns for 2017, including continued focus on reducing speeding, and a major effort to deter drug driving.

We all need to play our part in creating safer roads, speeds, behaviour and vehicles, which will in turn save more lives.

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