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Official warnings vs fines - archived data

This archived data details the number of infringements issued by Victoria Police for on-the-spot offences, fixed and mobile camera offences, tolling offences, and the number of official warnings.

Financial year data


  • Infringements for Police issued on-the-spot and Fixed and mobile camera are recorded at the offence date.
  • Infringements for Tolling are recorded at the issue date of the infringement. Unpaid tolls only become infringements after the tolling authority has unsuccessfully attempted to recover the toll. The infringement issued date may occur several months after the offence date, depending on the tolling authority.
  • Official warnings are issued when infringements are withdrawn following internal review processes.
  • Official warnings may not relate to the infringements issued in the same financial year.
  • The number of infringements issued by Victoria Police on-the-spot only includes speeding, red-light and unregistered vehicle offences; it does not include other on-the-spot offences such as failing to wear a seatbelt.
  • The number of fines reported in quarters 1 and 2, 2011-12, were affected by the Victoria Police Association work bans.
  • The number of infringements issued may be subject to variation over time as infringements can be withdrawn or reissued.
  • The number of official warnings may be subject to variation over time as infringements can be withdrawn, revoked, cancelled or suspended.
  • The total figures provided for the financial year will differ to the total of the individual quarters as published over the year. This is due to a number of factors including the scheduling of processing infringements, withdrawals and internal reviews.


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