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Speeding categories - highway cameras

This data shows the numbers of infringements for each speeding offence category, issued via the main highway camera systems in Victoria: CityLink, EastLink, Geelong Road, Hume, Monash (from January - March 2014 quarter onwards), Peninsula Link (from July - September 2013 quarter onwards) and the Western Ring Road.


Financial year data


  • Infringements are recorded at the offence date.
  • The data is the number of infringements issued by the highway camera systems of CityLink, EastLink, Geelong Road, Hume, Monash, Peninsula Link and the Western Ring Road.
  • The data includes infringements issued for speeding offences only.
  • The infringement numbers reported in quarters 1 and 2, 2011–12 were affected by the Victoria Police Association work bans.
  • The offence 'exceed speed more than 20km/h in 110km/h zone' applies only to the Hume camera system, as the other highway cameras do not operate in 110km/h zones.
  • The number of infringements issued may be subject to variation over time as infringements may be withdrawn or reissued.
  • The total figures provided for the financial year will differ to the total of the individual quarters as published over the year. This is due to a number of factors including the scheduling of processing infringements, withdrawals and internal reviews.

Speeding categories – highway cameras – archived data

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