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Cameras Save Lives was developed by the Department of Justice & Regulation to explain how red-light and speed cameras work, increase confidence in the road safety camera system, and to promote safer road use. The website supports the government’s commitment to improve the transparency of Victoria’s road safety camera program.

Who manages cameras and road safety?

In Victoria, the following agencies share responsibility for managing the road safety strategy:

These agencies implement an integrated, multi-faceted approach to road safety, combining the targeting of high-risk behaviour, enforcement, education and public awareness initiatives, research and development, and improvements to Victoria's road network.

The Department of Justice & Regulation oversees the road safety camera program, an integral part of the road safety strategy. Speed and red-light cameras improve road safety by reducing speeding, hence lowering the number of crashes and associated road trauma.

Cameras Save Lives – overview

Cameras Save Lives provides information relating to all aspects of the road safety camera network and the enforcement of associated offences in Victoria. On this website you can find out about:

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How do we know cameras work?

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