A fine is issued when a road safety camera detects a speeding, red light or an unregistered vehicle offence.

Options for dealing with a fine

If you receive a speeding, red light or unregistered vehicle fine, you have at least 28 days to pay. Options for dealing with a fine include:

If you have been fined for traveling more than 25 km/h over the limit some of these options are not available to you.

For more information visit the Fines Victoria website (External link).

Official warning

Victoria Police can withdraw a fine and issue an official warning in its place. Each application for an official warning is judged on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about official warnings, including grounds for review and how to apply, visit the Victoria Police website (External link).

If you do not take action

If you don’t pay your fine and ignore all reminders to pay, Fines Victoria may issue an enforcement warrant and the results can be quite costly. The Sheriff can enforce an unpaid enforcement warrant by:

If you pay the outstanding amount on an enforcement warrant, the matter is finalised.

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