All Victorian fixed digital road safety cameras are tested annually by an independent testing officer in accordance with the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2019.

Once successfully tested, a certificate of compliance (referred to here as a ‘test certificate’) is issued for each camera, confirming it adheres to the Regulations and is operating correctly.

Under the Road Safety Act 1986, photos and data from certified cameras can be used as evidence in court.


  • Some camera locations may vary due to equipment upgrades, repositioning on different points of the intersection and suburb boundary changes.
  • Some locations have more than 1 certified camera. At these sites, certificates for each camera are provided in the same file and labelled according to their position or the lane they enforce (e.g. kerb, median, lane 1, lane 2, northbound, eastbound).
  • Cameras can be decommissioned at any time for a variety of reasons, therefore some of the camera locations listed may no longer be operating.
  • According to the Road Safety (General) Regulations 2019, camera test certificates are not required for wet-film sites (External link)

Find a camera test certificate

To find current and past test certificates for a specific road safety camera, please type the suburb, postcode, street name, highway name or offence location into the search field below or use the interactive map on the Locations page of this website.

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Top tasks

Suburb Location Certificate Last annual test
Maidstone Ballarat Road
Malvern East Princes Highway
Malvern East Dandenong Road
Melbourne Exhibition Street
Melbourne Flinders Street
Melbourne Elizabeth Street
Melbourne Elizabeth Street
Melbourne Punt Road
Melbourne William Street
Melbourne Swan Street
Melbourne St Kilda Road
Melbourne Airport Terminal Drive at the intersection of Terminal Drive and Centre Road, Melbourne Airport
Mentone Nepean Highway
Midland Highway Bagshot Eastbound Midland Highway (Eastbound traffic)
Midland Highway Bagshot Westbound Midland Highway (Westbound Traffic)
Mildura Fifteenth Street
Moonee Ponds Maribyrnong Road
Mornington Nepean Highway
Mornington Nepean Highway
Mount Waverley High Street Road