10 January 2022

New point-to-point test cameras along the Calder Freeway are being installed as part of an innovative trial to help reduce deaths and serious injuries on Victorian roads.

In a first for Victoria, the new point-to-point cameras won’t be fining speeding drivers, but will be used as a test site to trial new road safety camera technology.

The trial is part of the Victorian Government's $49.4 million commitment to boost road safety across the state by introducing new fixed road safety cameras at dangerous intersections, and two point-to-point highway camera systems.

Work is currently underway to install the test point-to-point cameras, which will be located at either end of a 28-kilometre stretch (approximately), along both northbound and southbound sections of the Calder Freeway.

Over the next two years, the new camera technology will be put to the test by detecting speeding motorists.

While testing is in progress, roadside signage will be installed to ensure all drivers are aware that the point-to-point camera trial is in testing phase only, and that no infringement notices will be issued.

The trial will provide road safety camera developers real-time information about the capabilities of the new cameras to better inform future implementation of the technology on Victorian roads.

Road safety cameras are one of the most effective ways to get motorists to slow down and save lives. Research by the Monash University Accident Research Centre shows the effectiveness of mobile point-to-point cameras to reduce road deaths and serious injuries. 

For more information on point-to-point cameras please visit Point to point cameras (External link).