7 March 2014

Two road safety cameras in Melbourne CBD and one in St Kilda were switched on today, now enforcing the 40km/h speed limit.

The cameras are located at the intersection of:

  • Flinders and William Street, Melbourne
  • Exhibition and Victoria Street, Melbourne
  • Fitzroy Street and Lakeside Drive, St Kilda.

During a three-week testing period at the three sites, police detected 14,950 speeding offences.

If the cameras were enforcing at the time, two drivers would have had their cars impounded under hoon laws after they were detected travelling more than 45km/h over the speed limit.

Warning to motorists

Electronic signs were placed at the sites in the lead up to the cameras being switched on, warning motorists that the cameras would soon enforce the speed limit. The signs will stay in place for two weeks to remind motorists that the cameras are now live.