5 May 2017

A recent investigation by the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, Mr John Voyage, has found all Peninsula Link road safety cameras are operating correctly.

The Commissioner has confirmed that both the point-to-point and instantaneous systems are operating accurately, with his enquiry finding no faults or errors with the cameras.

The independent investigation was launched after members of the public voiced concern regarding the accuracy of the Peninsula Link road safety cameras and the validity of fines issued.

After extensive consultation (including participation from members of the public, the Department of Justice and Regulation and car manufacturers), the Commissioner concludes all fines have been issued correctly and in accordance with the law.

If you have received a fine while travelling on Peninsula Link, you can resolve your matter through the options outlined on your fine or by visitingwww.fines.vic.gov.au (External link).

To read the full report regarding the Commissioner's Peninsula Link investigation, visit the Road Safety Camera Commissioner’s website (External link).