The legislation and regulations listed below are relevant to road safety and infringements (fines) in Victoria.

  • Road Safety Act 1986
  • Infringements Act 2006
  • Fines Reform Act 2014
  • Road Safety Camera Commissioner Act 2011
  • Road Safety Road Rules 2017
  • Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2019
  • Road Safety (General) Regulations 2019
  • Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2019
  • Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations 2021
  • Infringements Regulations 2016
  • Fines Reform Regulations 2017

For the full list of all Victorian legislation, visit the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents (External link) website.

Mobile road safety camera policy

The Victoria Police Traffic Camera Office (TCO) provides guidelines around the operation of mobile road safety cameras through the road safety camera policy and operations manual.

The Gatso T-Series Mobile Cameras operation guidelines are found in the Gatso T-Series Mobile Road Safety Camera Policy and Operations Manual (PDF, 167KB).

The guidelines specify that:

  • while using a mobile camera, the operator can park the vehicle on a footpath, a nature strip or a dividing strip
  • there are no technical or legal restrictions on placing a mobile road safety camera on a slope, gradient or hill.