Victoria’s road safety camera system has played a critical role in reducing the number of lives lost on our roads.

As well as cameras, there have been other important programs that have contributed to the reduction in lives lost, including:

  • speed enforcement (including direct policing)
  • alcohol and drug testing
  • road infrastructure upgrades (including safer roads and better signage)
  • targeted campaigns and education
  • relevant legislative changes (for example, compulsory seatbelts)
  • improved safety features of modern vehicles.

Over the past four decades significant progress has been made in reducing the number of lives lost on our roads, with an average of 256 lives over the last five years.

This reduction has been achieved despite a growing population and an increased number of cars on our roads.

While getting Victoria’s road deaths below 300 is a significant achievement, even 1 preventable death is 1 too many.

Visit the Towards Zero website (External link) to learn more about how we can all work together to improve road safety for everyone.