Official warnings vs fines

This data shows the number of fines and official warnings issued by Victoria Police for:

  • on-the-spot offences
  • traffic camera offences
  • unpaid tolls.

Numbers of official warnings don’t necessarily correspond to fines issued during the same period because a fine may be issued in one period and withdrawn in another.

If someone receives a fine they may ask Victoria Police for an internal review. The police can withdraw a fine and issue an official warning in its place.

Speeding categories 

Speeding offences are broken down into categories, showing how much the speed limit was exceeded by. Data shows that most people exceed the speed limit by less than 10 km/h. Low-level speeding is a factor in the majority of speed-related trauma on Victorian roads.

This data provides details of:

Fines issued by fixed and mobile cameras

Fines issued by Victoria’s highway cameras